The galaxy is in shreds. The Sith Empire was a few short months ago poised to tear down the remnants of the Republic after the crushing victory over Republic forces at the Star Forge and return to power of the Dark Lord, Darth Revan. Immediately a new campaign began to unfold as Revan turned his mind to revenge and finishing the conquest he had begun before his capture. With the limitless production of the Star Forge at hand and the loss of so many ships, officers, and Jedi the situation seemed utterly hopeless for the Republic. System after system fell to the Sith and citizens of the Republic prepared for the end as the Sith forces approached. Yet as swiftly as the threat had crested suddenly attacks ceased. Soon rumours started to circulate that Darth Revan had once again vanished and that various Sith Lords were vying for the title of Dark Lord. This is the state of the galaxy, a badly beaten and cautiously hopeful Republic peering out and a Sith Empire shattered into factions with Sith viciously fighting to become the next Dark Lord of the Sith.

Star Wars Campaign

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